Our Story

Born in Beirut - Lebanon in a multi-cultural family with an Iranian and Armenian heritage, I grew up during the civil war and lived a childhood of survival. My family is made of a bubble that is filled with ideas that are waiting to burst into the world. So It was unavoidable for me to be on a path of creativity when surrounded by ideas, change and a passion to create.

Graduating with a major in design, I was fulfilled at that time, but I knew there was something missing, I wanted to do more…. I got married, moved to the states, and had two wonderful kids, the move was a life changing experience, it gave me hope, and brought back dreams I had tucked in the back of my head.

 I knew I had an opportunity that maybe not a lot of people get to have in their lifetime. Yes, I was the immigrant who wanted to have the American dream, and damn it, that is what I will work for.

Life happened and 13 years later, divorced with two kids, I picked myself up and dug deep into my soul and found my dream again. It was a new chapter…. I was given another chance to do something more, so I partnered up with my best friend, and family, Rima Abou haidar, who happens to also move to Texas, and after a lot of hard work, "GIGI BAKER" was born. It was inevitable for me to lead a life of design, creation, colors and change……

 This brand is a fusion of art and fashion. Always believing that color, quality and design, would lead to something fantastic, I collaborated with my older brother Ghazi and it brought us closer together even though we live in different continents. 

 Ghazi is a self-taught artist, and architect in Beirut, and also an avid photographer. His influences include art, music, movies, everyday life and the human condition. His work is sought after by many major collectors all over the world and has been exhibited internationally in Art Basel, Art Miami, scope NY and many others.

As he is busy creating his visions, and allowing me to go with him in his adventure of color and form, I am fortunate enough to expand his vision and mix it with fashion to bring it to you to experience, first hand.


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